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Pages Needs* tags Missing tags Editorial reviews Technical reviews Outdated pages Missing pages Dev-doc-needed bugs Documentation requests
682 139 (21%) 0 (0%) 165 (25%) 234 (35%) 299 (44%) 0 (0%) 327 (48%) 0 (0%)

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Bug Summary Release
101019 KEYGEN support does not belong in the parser Future
1205219 [Presentation WebAPI] Support terminate semantics FxOS-S9 (16Oct)
1192101 [Presentation WebAPI] support PresentationRequest / PresentationAvailability / getSession(s) FxOS-S8 (02Oct)
1069230 [Stingray] Presentation API webidl implementation FxOS-S5 (21Aug)
1080474 [Presentation WebAPI] Device discovery mechanism 2.2 S4 (23jan)
1013913 Add meta name="theme-color" to have configurable status bar color 2.1 S3 (29aug)
899574 Notification API follow-up: provide a way to get current Notification objects 1.3 Sprint 3 - 10/25
816730 [Activities] filters do not work anymore B2G C3 (12dec-1jan)
1623826 Do not expose outerWidth/outerHeight features of to web content mozilla80
1645046 Enable HTML5 dialog in Nightly mozilla80
1608358 Problem with allowfullscreen and allow=fullscreen mozilla80
1552198 Change "InvalidStateError" to "NotSupportedError" for attachShadow() ---
1043083 Implement the Navigation Timing 2 spec ---
1100749 <menu> element type=context should be renamed to type=popup ---
1454252 Please set beacon.enabled to false by default ---
1193376 Implement Permissions.request ---
809865 Disable inputmode for Firefox 17 and Firefox 18 ---
1009661 Consider ignoring scrollbars=no as a feature for content pages ---
1493860 Audit the IDLs where we are now defaulting dictionary-typed members of dictionaries to null ---
433616 [FIX]Need facility for managing documents referenced via local URI references ---
678460 Support HTMLObjectElement.contentWindow ---
640953 Apply spec changes to <progress> (if needed) ---
933862 Implement new mutation observer observe() argument defaulting ---
1080177 Add "h" support to img srcset ---
1415175 Consider moving execCommand up to Document.prototype ---
913315 selectedIndex incorrect when <option> replaced dynamically via .innerHTML .... ---
1578973 autofocus shouldn't work in cross origin documents ---
1621778 Disallow menubar feature ---
1005603 When possible, <input type=number> should preserve the formatting of the 'value' attribute or any string assigned to input.value ---
1118741 Implement Document.inputEncoding per spec. ---
1200496 make DOMError instance could be handled by the structured clone algorithm ---
1335594 createImageBitmap fails when providing options object ---
609555 beforescriptexecute/afterscriptexecute should use moz prefix or should be defined in some specification ---
1505763 innerText is implemented on HTMLElement instead of Node ---
527667 DOM Storage (localStorage, sessionStorage) data is not cleared when "Clear Recent History" is used with Time range not "Everything" ---
1082060 [WebComponents] Implement shadow-dom :host-context() CSS selector ---
1188880 Ship directory picking and directory drag and drop ---
962747 Hide Window.openDialog from content ---
1260606 FileReader.readAsText(HTML_FORM_INPUT.files[0]) fails on content size change ---
383983 returns HTMLDocument instead of SVGDocument ---
605271 Don't let scripts QI elements to non-classinfo interfaces ---
859868 Turn off <input type=range> on v22 ---
889230 [meta] Implement Custom Elements (from Web Components) ---
1266492 Change navigator.registerContentHandler to throw on at least the blocklisted types ---
1360190 MessageChannel does not work with SharedArrayBuffer ---
1494803 Reset HTMLInputElement value (so change event is dispatched) when file picker is closed without selecting a file ---
440620 Implement navigator.isProtocolHandlerRegistered and navigator.isContentHandlerRegistered ---
723008 Implement dropzone content attribute ---
757664 Make the files attribute of HTMLInputElement writable ---
931884 Implement document.origin ---
1405682 Implement the decode() method on images ---
1490661 Support enterkeyhint and deprecate mozactionhint mozilla79
1324958 Implement <dialog> focusing steps mozilla78
1322947 Support canceling modal dialogs using "Esc" key and support "cancel" event mozilla78
1636590 Provide an exception stack for uncaught promises rejections mozilla78
1594449 Experimentally implement <link rel="preload"> in the content process as a speculative load with higher priority mozilla72
1577499 Implement transient activation flag mozilla71
1454622 Change DOMQuad bounds to getBounds() as per specification mozilla69
1480236 Implement queueMicrotask() mozilla69
1548773 Remove support for typemustmatch mozilla68
1522912 Consider preserving user gestures for rejected calls to Document.requestStorageAccess mozilla67
1521808 Implement Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy mozilla67
1425874 Make <marquee> construct HTMLMarqueeElement instead of overloading HTMLDivElement mozilla65
1460920 Add referrerpolicy attribute support for <script> elements mozilla65
1399446 Implement ServiceWorkerGlobalScope and ServiceWorkerContainer onmessageerror event handler. mozilla65
1507144 Enable reporting API by default in nightly only mozilla65
1329324 nsOuterWindowProxy should allow Object.defineProperty to return false mozilla65
1458466 Implement Console.timeLog(optional DOMString label = "default") mozilla62
1432272 fetch API is using GetEntryDocument() for base URL instead of the owning global's base URL mozilla60
1428002 Enable <script type="module"> in nightly builds mozilla59
1405761 css not loaded correctly with rel=preload mozilla58
1128959 Implement the WHATWG Streams spec mozilla57
1380617 Make return punycode by default. Fix tests and UI mozilla57
772589 Implement the secureConnectionStart property for the PerformanceTiming interface mozilla56
1348390 Permfail: XMLHttpRequest/getallresponseheaders.htm assert_equals: expected "also-here: Mr. PB\r\newok: lego\r\nfoo-test: 1, 2\r\n" but got "foo-TEST: 1, 2\r\nALSO-here: Mr. PB\r\newok: lego\r\n" mozilla55
1298823 Make Request constructor throw less often mozilla54
1319078 Form validation should account for the visibility/focusability of the input element mozilla53
1322858 Implement AudioWorkletGlobalScope mozilla53
1310385 Remove support for UndoManager mozilla52
1310027 Remove DOM/mobilemessage and related code. mozilla52
1312591 Remove DOM/resourcestats and related code. mozilla52
1303518 The ChromeFilePropertyBag versions of the File constructors are web-observable mozilla52
1310859 Remove DOM/nfc and related code. mozilla52
1279635 need a way to synchronously retrieve back/forward status of mozbrowser mozilla51
1282870 input.webkitdirectory doesn't work mozilla50
1258490 Consider to implement file.webkitrelativepath mozilla49
1257877 Remove support for UTF-16 from TextEncoder mozilla48
1259169 nsICookieManager::remove() should be back-compatible for 1 or 2 releases. mozilla48
1265941 Rename ReferrerPolicy "origin-only" attribute to "origin" mozilla48
1261405 PushPermissionDescriptor in Permissions.webidl is wrong ('userVisible' should be 'userVisibleOnly') mozilla48
1173320 Allow FileList objects to contain Directory objects mozilla48
1104955 Implement IDL [Unscopable] mozilla48
1258205 setAttribute doesn't throw InvalidCharacterError if the attribute already exists mozilla48
1251627 Fix the exceptions XMLHttpRequest (XHR) send() throws to follow the spec more mozilla47
743198 Unprefix the DOM fullscreen API mozilla47
1244328 Merge DOMTokenList and DOMSettableTokenList mozilla47
993311 Convert Network Stats API to WebIDL mozilla47
1216751 provide forEach() method on iterable<> webidl interfaces mozilla47
1162658 Update FormData to match latest spec mozilla46
1228634 Implement Element.getAttributeNames mozilla45
264412 Add support for element.innerText mozilla45
1227458 Alias setAttributeNode to setAttributeNodeNS and setNamedItem to setNamedItemNS mozilla45
1214148 AudioChannel API design doesn't fit into nested mozbrowser iframe case. mozilla45
1227206 Location.assign and Location.replace should use USVStrings instead DOMStrings mozilla45
1213815 searchParams is just on URL mozilla45
918742 [XHR2] Implementation doesn't fix author-supplied charset correctly and adds charset parameter when author doesn't set it mozilla44
1216193 Implement webkitMatchesSelector mozilla44
949376 event.initMessageEvent is not a function mozilla44
918771 XMLHttpRequest (XHR) send() of an HTML document sends it as application/xml, not text/html mozilla44
1196654 [Browser API] Implement a proxy API allowing content to control it's embedding frame mozilla44
1167465 Exposing Allowed Audio Channels in System App's Window mozilla44
1145744 Disallow Cache API in 3rd party windows when 3rd party cookies are disabled mozilla43
1165796 Implement Performance Observer mozilla43
1131470 w3c screen orientation api has changed mozilla43
1176757 shadowRoot.cloneNode() returns a DocumentFragment, should throw DataCloneError mozilla42
1177991 document.adoptNode on a ShadowRoot should throw a HierarchyRequestError exception mozilla42
1113086 Implement AudioChannel API into BrowserElement mozilla42
1123516 implement support for maplike/setlike in Web IDL bindings mozilla42
1148044 Split nsIContentPolicy::TYPE_SUBDOCUMENT into TYPE_FRAME and TYPE_IFRAME so that Request.context can reflect the correct value mozilla42
1177914 document.importNode on a ShadowRoot should throw a NotSupportedError exception mozilla42
1165263 Use origin for nsIPermissionManager mozilla42
1148030 Split nsIContentPolicy::TYPE_OBJECT into TYPE_EMBED and TYPE_OBJECT so that Request.context can reflect the correct value mozilla42
1177688 Implement Directory.getContents() and Directory.path mozilla42
1148593 addEventListener should use JS::AutoSetAsyncStackForNewCalls mozilla42
1127380 Implement AnimationPlayer.playbackRate mozilla42
1164310 Implement MS's proposal for a reduced subset of the new FileSystem API mozilla42
1143879 Implement lang member of Web manifest mozilla41
1174731 Make searchParams attribute readonly mozilla41
1148496 Allow to set an interface member as [Deprecated] in WebIDL mozilla40
1153734 Rename Animation to KeyframeEffect (and merge in AnimationEffect) mozilla40
524674 nsIEventListenerService: tracking of dynamically added and removed event listeners mozilla40
1152171 Rename AnimationTimeline to DocumentTimeline mozilla40
1160892 Url.createObjectURL(blob) creates invalid URL on unicode non-ascii domain mozilla40
1154615 Rename AnimationPlayer to Animation mozilla40
853162 Remove XMLHttpRequest sendAsBinary mozilla39
1073379 Make AnimationPlayer.startTime writeable mozilla39
1017875 Pref on the picture element by default mozilla38
1073231 Implement valid Request and Response clone() method mozilla38
1130663 requestsync-manager API to allow for an immediate sync mozilla38
1096328 Remove nativeOwnership from Bindings.conf mozilla38
1111633 Implement Unresolved Element Pseudoclass for Custom Elements mozilla38
782751 Implement the User Timing spec mozilla38
1134559 DOMContentLoaded should not be cancelable mozilla38
707484 [XHR2] Allow setting XHR responseType and withCredentials before open mozilla38
1115130 Output logging metadata from User Timing marks and measures mozilla38
1018320 Implement RequestSync API for FirefoxOS mozilla38
1065366 Implement ServiceWorkerGlobalScope update() mozilla37
839838 Add .then() method to DOMRequest mozilla36
1070745 Implement play and pause on AnimationPlayer mozilla36
973638 Update MutationObserver.observe() method - more flexible options and throw a JavaScript TypeError mozilla36
1036606 Add options dict and vrDevice to mozRequestFullScreen mozilla36
1048293 File::mozFullPath attribute should not be exposed to content. mozilla35
1067701 Implement mozilla35
880997 Reflect crossOrigin as a limited enumerated attribute mozilla35
1047483 Porting DOMFile/DOMBlob to WebIDL mozilla35
757859 Add a getHeight/getWidth/onResize methods to mozbrowser mozilla35
1073882 XMLHttpRequest.prototype.responseURL should not have fragment per latest spec mozilla35
969490 Implement to match for non-window chrome code mozilla35
887541 Implement web components event retargeting. mozilla34
1042798 document.write throws a security exception when called through NPAPI mozilla34
916607 Convert MozSmsSegmentInfo to WebIDL dictionary mozilla34
1045993 Implement AnimationEffect and mozilla34
1058470 Update blob URL and origin related code mozilla34
1034304 HTMLMediaElement NS_DECL_NSIDOMHTMLMEDIAELEMENTs, but doesn't inherit from nsIDOMHTMLMediaElement mozilla33
1000199 Enable Web Components by default for certified apps mozilla33
966452 DOM Promises should report all unhandled rejections to the Console on GC (like Promise.jsm) mozilla33
597650 <label> should not apply on <input type='hidden'> mozilla33
857648 stack property on DOMException errors is missing/undefined mozilla33
1018497 Implement DOMMatrix mozilla33
966471 DOM Promise state, value and reason should be inspectable in the debugger (like Promise.jsm) mozilla33
936813 Implement "onresourcetimingbufferfull" callback for Resource Timing. mozilla32
986837 Port most of the network stats API to WebIDL mozilla32
1020440 Create DOM interfaces and stub for the requestAutocomplete method and events mozilla32
528456 Implement scoped selectors for querySelector(All) mozilla32
997285 Put Error.prototype on the proto chain of DOMExceptions mozilla32
891952 Update empty string handling in named getters to spec changes mozilla32
968272 use less conservative temporary storage policy in QuotaManager mozilla32
870021 Implement `srcset` attribute on `img` mozilla32
874212 Move document.all to WebIDL mozilla32
983502 Implement and expose the feature detection API to privileged apps mozilla32
1003539 HTMLTableElement.insertRow doesn't insert the row at the right place when table has a thead or tfoot, no tbody, and no rows mozilla32
1009935 Implement the @autocomplete attribute for values other than off/on mozilla32
822480 Add in the Resource Timing API mozilla31
355430 Stack information of uncaught Error object should be available in window.onerror mozilla31
843840 document.documentElement.getElementsByTagName('select') finds select tag with id twice when enumerating the list mozilla31
859095 URL property of document returned by XMLHttpRequest does not follow the spec mozilla31
986542 .onClick event handler function not firing if defined in a document that was in a now-removed iframe mozilla31
918709 [XHR2] open() with disallowed method (HTTP verb) CONNECT doesn't throw mozilla31
897359 Remove unimplemented method in nsCrypto mozilla31
866528 Make nsIDOMActivityOptions a Dictionary mozilla31
738196 document.styleSheets should be iterable mozilla31
981652 Dispatch "select" events from HTMLInputElement/HTMLTextAreaElement.setSelectionRange() and selection setters mozilla30
856140 Update document.register to adhere to the latest Custom Element spec mozilla30
845690 Support meta viewport in Firefox OS apps mozilla30
969030 Remove the caller from document.all mozilla30
981036 Disallow calling WebIDL constructors as functions for system callers in non-release builds mozilla30
960945 MozConnection should be NoInterfaceObject mozilla30
964192 Remove the required argument to captureEvents/releaseEvents mozilla30
923247 Nice feature to have is mute and volume per window mozilla30
827161 Implement ValidityState.badInput mozilla29
949488 postMessage's targetOrigin argument should accept / mozilla29
675579 The user setting input or textarea direction does not set the element's dir and does not fire the input event mozilla29
887538 Implement web components shadow element. mozilla29
344616 Implement <input type="number"> mozilla29
887928 document.referrer should be based on the incumbent script for location-based navigation mozilla29
946398 Flip the pref to enable <input type=number> mozilla29
959988 Remove URLSearchParams.prototype.size mozilla29
887836 Implement URLSearchParams mozilla29
844744 Make <input type=number> use ICU when available to support localized number input mozilla29
909254 Stop using jsapi for HTMLCollection.namedItem mozilla28
962313 Disable <input type=number> for v28 mozilla28
933193 add getElementById on DocumentFragment mozilla28
854736 Implement web components content element. mozilla28
806506 Implement web components ShadowRoot interface. mozilla28
840488 Add a much faster way to do the "is script enabled for this global?" check mozilla28
920015 Expose DOM URL to js modules mozilla27
926890 Throw JavaScript exceptions for URL mozilla27
696451 re-load <img> when @crossorigin is updated mozilla27
918940 Implement setRangeText(DOMString) for HTMLTextAreaElement mozilla27
850364 Implement setRangeText(DOMString) in HTMLInputElement mozilla27
856977 Alert is still possible in onbeforeunload mozilla27
920877 make media fragment: -moz-resolution work for blob files mozilla27
915450 [Web Notifications] cannot inspect notification properties (ie. title, tag, body, etc) mozilla26
677638 (MessageChannel) Implement HTML5's channel messaging API mozilla26
717181 Make <fieldset> invalid if they contain an invalid form control mozilla26
910220 HTMLDocument throws on assignment to named properties even in non-strict mode mozilla26
884332 Limit <input type='email'>'s value to have labels of 63 chars max mozilla26
596681 Implement HTMLSelectElement selectedOptions IDL attribute mozilla26
848294 Update MessageEvent to be compatible with the spec mozilla26
883928 Firefox 23: Components.classes[";1"] is undefined mozilla25
888576 Follow the spec for document.body mozilla25
892609 Implement [ArrayClass] support mozilla25
760851 Add toJSON accessors on Performance and related interfaces mozilla25
813034 Implement table.createTBody mozilla25
894448 Remove nativeOwnership = 'nsisupports' mozilla25
870856 Convert DOMError to WebIDL mozilla24
850804 setting innerHTML doesn't remove all checkboxes mozilla24
870787 Improve named getter for form mozilla24
866272 expose privileged access to mcc+mnc pair for last home network and roaming network mozilla23
690938 Support Bluetooth controllers for gamepad API mozilla23
855971 Switch HTMLDocument to WebIDL bindings mozilla23
861495 Transplant getOuterWindowWithId from nsIDOMWindowUtils to a window-related service mozilla23
851470 Move Attr to Paris bindings mozilla23
525444 Expose text to speech (TTS) capability to content mozilla23
851090 Make <input type=range> fire "change"/"input" events as appropriate mozilla22
818976 Implement web components template. mozilla22
783129 Implement the document.register interface method mozilla22
767944 Implement a manager for centralized quota and storage handling mozilla22
852846 Implement PutForwards for .style mozilla22
771331 Password manager would really like to know when <input type=password> is added to the DOM mozilla22
841948 Flip the pref to enable <input type=range> on Nightly and Aurora mozilla22
845010 Provide an API to retrieve the current document's scrollbar size (not only width) mozilla22
820657 Implement the NamedGetter functionality on HTMLDocument mozilla22
826166 Remove an ability to set higher JS versions via language attribute mozilla21
801635 Disable <input type='file'> on B2G v1 mozilla21
830858 Implement a generic way to dispatch events to chrome only mozilla21
827546 |non editable element|.QueryInterface(Components.interfaces.nsIDOMNSEditableElement) does not throw anymore mozilla21
821606 Turn on WebIDL bindings for Element and HTMLElement mozilla20
821593 convert RGBColor to webidl mozilla20
824970 convert nsIDOMRect to webidl mozilla20
617532 implement the HTML5 "undo history" feature (UndoManager interface) mozilla20
795930 ArchiveReader should live behind a pref mozilla19
803765 Document aRequestPrincipal in nsIContentPolicy.idl mozilla19
656311 Remove XML Events, or improve the implementation mozilla19
809290 document.referrer should be based on the script entry point mozilla19
801402 Use EncodingUtils::FindEncodingForLabel instead of nsCharsetAlias::GetPreferred from HTML5 parser and DOM APIs mozilla19
749448 Remove XTF mozilla19
783531 Implement a "select word at point" text selection routine in nsIDOMWindowUtils mozilla18
776416 Remove exceptions to 5MB quota rule in localStorage mozilla18
787378 Dispatch a "firstpaint" event for mozbrowsers mozilla18
784402 Pointer Lock must respect iframe sandbox flag mozilla18
564815 implement window.devicePixelRatio mozilla18
744907 Remove BlobBuilder mozilla18
769254 Clicking a target=_blank link inside <iframe mozbrowser> crashes Gecko, should pass opened URL to mozbrowseropenwindow event mozilla17
772434 Blob support for Zip file contents mozilla17
600111 XMLHttpRequest.setRequestHeader() throws NS_ERROR_FAILURE inappropriately mozilla17
774556 Remove nsIDOMWindowPerformance* XPCOM interfaces mozilla17
672814 Increase the set of script @type values that nsScriptLoader treats as JavaScript mozilla17
746142 Add @inputmode to input element mozilla17
391834 Don't allow alert/confirm/prompt in onbeforeunload, onunload and onpagehide mozilla17
776376 Old FCKeditor versions (e.g. 2.6.6) stopped working due to navigator.productSub sniffing mozilla17
774705 Throw a TypeError when trying to construct an interface without a constructor mozilla17
779626 Javascript-global-constructor objects should be passed a window reference mozilla17
764481 Add pref to enable landing of experimental forms features mozilla16
657938 Implement content part of the meter element mozilla16
661252 Meter with "-moz-orient: vertical;" should have vertical dimensions by default mozilla16
743888 Replace SVGException and XPathException with DOMException mozilla16
748238 HTMLMeterElement should not be form controls mozilla16
565274 Implement the accept attribute for the form and file upload controls for custom MIME types mozilla16
660238 Add pseudo-class to access optimal, sub-optimal and sub-sub-optimal <meter> elements mozilla16
773734 Have a separate preference to only enable the gc/cc notifications mozilla16
767134 Stuff principal for forms in the contentpolicy calls mozilla16
657953 Implement the basic layout of the meter element mozilla16
769771 add ability to opt-in to content docshell for html:iframes inserted into chrome documents mozilla16
740192 Screen orientation needs a specific security model for installed web apps mozilla15
751035 Remove various unused nsHTML*Element related methods mozilla15
722857 DOMStorage should obtain Private Browsing information from related docshell mozilla15
756066 StorageEventInit.key should be nullable mozilla15
749920 Unprefix MozMutationObserver and add a warning about use of mutation events mozilla15
754553 Remove indexed property access from localStorage/sessionStorage mozilla15
510849 web storage (localStorage/sessionStorage) empty string as key not supported mozilla15
625664 accelerometer support using Windows 7 Sensor API mozilla15
695480 Remove support for Chrome -> Content leaks mozilla15
702880 Allow pages to explicitly change visibilityState of child iframes mozilla15
663057 support RFC2231/5987 encoding for title parameter in HTTP link header fields mozilla15
716107 Better key input support in DOM full-screen mode mozilla15
752402 Blob constructor should take ArrayBufferView as a member of blobParts parameter in addition to ArrayBuffer mozilla15
532062 localStorage/sessionStorage should return undefined (not null) for undefined keys mozilla14
697132 Create API for content to keep the screensaver from turning on (or to prevent phone/tablet's screen from turning off) mozilla14
733035 need a way to postMessage from sandboxes (without source window object) mozilla14
740069 Land Paris Bindings and use them for XMLHttpRequest mozilla14
738647 DOMStorageImpl::GetKey shouldn't throw mozilla14
740771 Stringify null for Storage.getItem/setItem/removeItem mozilla14
641821 Implement mutation events replacement (sync approach) (using moz prefix) mozilla14
727530 XHR for data URIs should support content-type header field mozilla13
708176 [WebAPI] Allow privileged pages to access cross-origin properties in child iframes mozilla12
706672 Exit DOM full-screen on windowed plugin focus mozilla11
704175 requestAnimationFrame callback function name should be "sample", not "onBeforePaint" mozilla11
707576 Remove nsIDOMNSElement mozilla11
648801 Prototype a proxy-based NodeList implementation mozilla10
677085 Remove nsIDOMNSHTMLFrameElement mozilla10
684821 Remove nsIDOMNSHTMLElement mozilla10
691583 Dispatch event when restricted key input occurs in DOM full-screen mode mozilla10
687087 Support "chunked" data for XMLHttpRequest mozilla9
617528 implement the HTML5 "context menu" feature (contextmenu attribute) mozilla8
567357 Fire a DOMWindowCreated DOM event to match the observer notification in bug 549539 mozilla2.0b6
323810 [FIXr]Move forcing into tabs and current windows out of Gecko mozilla1.9alpha1

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List of pages with an old layout

  1. HTMLBodyElement
  2. HTMLBRElement
  3. HTMLButtonElement
  4. HTMLCanvasElement
  5. HTMLDataElement
  6. HTMLDataListElement
  7. HTMLDivElement
  8. HTMLDListElement
  9. HTMLElement
  10. HTMLEmbedElement
  11. HTMLFieldSetElement
  12. HTMLFormControlsCollection
  13. HTMLFormElement
  14. HTMLHeadElement
  15. HTMLHeadingElement
  16. HTMLHRElement
  17. HTMLHtmlElement
  18. HTMLIFrameElement
  19. HTMLImageElement
  20. HTMLInputElement
  21. HTMLKeygenElement
  22. HTMLKeygenElement
  23. HTMLLabelElement
  24. HTMLLegendElement
  25. HTMLLIElement
  26. HTMLMediaElement
  27. HTMLModElement
  28. HTMLObjectElement
  29. HTMLOptGroupElement
  30. HTMLOptionElement
  31. HTMLOutputElement
  32. HTMLParagraphElement
  33. HTMLPreElement
  34. HTMLQuoteElement
  35. HTMLScriptElement
  36. HTMLSelectElement
  37. HTMLSourceElement
  38. HTMLTableCaptionElement
  39. HTMLTableColElement
  40. HTMLTextAreaElement
  41. HTMLTrackElement
  42. App
  43. ArrayBuffer
  44. ArrayBufferView
  45. BlobBuilder
  46. CanvasRenderingContext2D
  47. CloseEvent
  48. CompositionEvent
  49. Connection
  50. Coordinates
  51. CustomEvent
  52. DataTransfer
  53. DataView
  54. DirectoryEntry
  55. DirectoryEntrySync
  56. DirectoryReader
  57. DirectoryReaderSync
  58. DocumentType
  59. DOMConfiguration
  60. DOMError
  61. DOMException
  62. DOMImplementationList
  63. DOMStringMap
  64. DOMTokenList
  65. element
  66. Entry
  67. EntrySync
  68. EventListener
  69. EventSource
  70. FileEntry
  71. FileEntrySync
  72. FileError
  73. FileException
  74. FileList
  75. FileReaderSync
  76. FileSystem
  77. FileSystemSync
  78. FormData
  79. History
  80. IDBCursorSync
  81. IDBDatabaseException
  82. IDBDatabaseSync
  83. IDBEnvironmentSync
  84. IDBFactorySync
  85. IDBIndexSync
  86. IDBObjectStoreSync
  87. IDBTransactionSync
  88. IDBVersionChangeRequest
  89. KeyboardEvent
  90. LocalFileSystem
  91. LocalFileSystemSync
  92. Location
  93. MediaQueryList
  94. MediaQueryListListener
  95. MessageEvent
  96. MouseScrollEvent
  97. MouseWheelEvent
  98. MutationObserver
  99. NamedNodeMap
  100. NameList
  101. NodeList
  102. NotifyAudioAvailableEvent
  103. Plugin
  104. PluginArray
  105. PositionError
  106. PositionOptions
  107. ProcessingInstruction
  108. ProgressEvent
  109. RTCPeerConnection
  110. StorageEvent
  111. TextDecoder
  112. TextEncoder
  113. TextMetrics
  114. TimeRanges
  115. UIEvent
  116. ValidityState
  117. WebGLRenderingContext
  118. WebSocket
  119. WheelEvent
  120. XMLHttpRequest
  121. XMLHttpRequestEventTarget


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The interfaces defined in the following specifications are tracked by this status page:

Specification Status Comment
Fullscreen API Living Standard
Notifications API Living Standard
XMLHttpRequest Living Standard
Unknown Unknown
WebVTT: The Web Video Text Tracks Format Candidate Recommendation
HTML Living Standard Living Standard
HTML5 Recommendation
HTML 4.01 Specification Recommendation
Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 HTML Specification Obsolete
 HTML Editing APIs  Editor's Draft
Timing control for script-based animations Obsolete

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