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The open Web is built using a number of technologies. Below you'll find links to our reference material for each of them.

Core Web technologies

Web API interface reference
Reference material for each of the interfaces that comprise the Web's APIs, including the DOM and all of the related APIs and interfaces you can use to build Web content and apps. This list covers all interfaces, arranged alphabetically.
Web APIs
A list of the individual APIs and technology suites that make up the overall Web API.
HyperText Markup Language is the language used to describe and define the content of a Web page.
Cascading Style Sheets are used to describe the appearance of Web content.
Scalable Vector Graphics let you describe images as sets of vectors and shapes in order to allow them to scale smoothly regardless of the size at which they're drawn.
The Mathematical Markup Language makes it possible to display complex mathematical equations and syntax.

Other technologies

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