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The <integer> CSS data type is a special type of <number> that represents a whole number, whether positive or negative. Integers can be used in numerous CSS properties, such as column-count, counter-increment, grid-column, grid-row, and z-index.


The <integer> data type consists of one or several decimal digits, 0 through 9 inclusive, optionally preceded by a single + or - sign. There is no unit associated with integers.

Note: There is no official range of valid <integer> values. Opera 12.1 supports values up to 215-1, IE up to 220-1, and other browsers even higher. During the CSS3 Values cycle there was a lot of discussion about setting a minimum range to support: the latest decision, in April 2012 during the LC phase, was [-227-1; 227-1], but other values like 224-1 and 230-1 were also proposed. However, the latest spec doesn't specify a range anymore.


When animated, values of the <integer> data type are interpolated using discrete, whole steps. The calculation is done as if they were real, floating-point numbers; the discrete value is obtained using the floor function. The speed of the interpolation is determined by the timing function associated with the animation.


Valid integers

12          Positive integer (without a leading + sign)
+123        Positive integer (with a leading + sign)
-456        Negative integer
0           Zero
+0          Zero, with a leading +
-0          Zero, with a leading -

Invalid integers

12.0        This is a <number>, not an <integer>, though it represents an integer.
12.         Decimal points are not allowed.
+---12      Only one leading +/- is allowed.
ten         Letters are not allowed.
_5          Special characters are not allowed.
\35         Escaped Unicode characters are not allowed, even if they are an integer (here: 5).
\4E94       Non-arabic numerals are not allowed, even when escaped (here: the Japanese 5, 五).
3e4         Scientific notation is not allowed.


Specification Status Comment
CSS Values and Units Module Level 4
The definition of '<integer>' in that specification.
Editor's Draft No significant change.
CSS Values and Units Module Level 3
The definition of '<integer>' in that specification.
Candidate Recommendation No significant change.
CSS Level 2 (Revision 1)
The definition of '<integer>' in that specification.
Recommendation Explicit definition.
CSS Level 1
The definition of '<integer>' in that specification.
Recommendation Implicit definition.

Browser compatibility

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